The Festival

The association of encourage of  social short films bets for the cinema as way of cultural expression, which allows us to bring social reality near to the sensibility and cultural of the current society. We try to encourage the critical spirit by means of the projection of works that present different situations of the social reality.

Solo Para Cortos, International Festival of Shortfilms  of Nou Barris  will celebrate the 12th edition on March in the Ateneu Popular of 9 Barris.

The festival established to its territory, supports its social commitment in order that the social denunciation continues being a distinctive brand of the project, providing voice to works of difficult access to the commercial circuits of the audio-visual world. Finally, in this new edition the public character will be kept and popularly that has been different of our distinctive features.

To promote the spreading of this type of audio-visual material, we propose the Itinerant festival preserving the philosophy of public festival and of free entrance, reinforcing the already existing nacional and international links, collaborating with similar experiences of the whole world that allow us a strong cultural exchange and they reinforce the internationality of the festival.