13º SOLO PARA CORTOS – 21st to 26th of march

The 13th  edition of the International Festival of Social Short Films “Solo Para Cortos (SPC) 2017” will be held from the 21st to the 23rd of March in the Casal de Joves de Prosperitat and the 24th , 25th  and 26th in Ateneu Popular de 9Barris, Barcelona.

On this occasion, we have been given a total of 1.836 short films coming from the five continents which show us the social and cultural diversity form the planet Earth, at the same time they have allowed a better knowledge of different social realities, but always with a critical and social look.

Concurrently, the week before the Festival, we have various activities foreseen in different spaces (panoramic views, workshops, exhibitions…) about which we will let you know once we advertise the schedule of the festival.

In this moment, the organisation is previewing the short films received and selecting those whom will take part in the 13th edition in the different categories of the Festival.

Once we had finished this process, we will get in touch with the selected candidates and we will publish the programme and the festival activities.

From the SPC, we want to thank your involvement in our Festival and the dissemination of the social short film, thus contributing to make different realities visible from the world we live in.